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06 August 2022 Current Affairs

Q.6th August is celebrated as which of the following day in the world?
Ans. hiroshima day

Q. Which Indian young wrestler recently won the silver medal in the women's 57 kg final of the Commonwealth Games 2022?
Ans. Anshu Malik

Q.india's top wrestler Bajrang Punia won the gold medal in the Commonwealth Games 2022 by defeating Lekhan McNeil on 5 August, but Lekhan McNeil is a wrestler from which country?
Ans. Canada
Q. Which former Indian cricket player was recently awarded an honorary doctorate?
Ans. Suresh Raina

Q. In the Commonwealth Games 2022 (CWG 2022), which Indian freestyle wrestler won the gold medal by defeating Ana Godinez of Canada?
Ans. Sakshi Malik

Q. Which country recently launched its first spacecraft to the Moon?
Ans. South Korea

Q. Which country recently declared monkeypox disease as a public health emergency?
Ans. America



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